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Carburizing of Gears

Carburizing of Gears, Input-Shaft, Output-Shaft, Pinion

Carburizing of Sprockets

Gan Nitriding of Dies and Moulds

Carburizing of Bearings


Carbonitriding is process of simultaneously inducing both carbon & nitrogen into the surface of a component. Process is performed at lower temperatures (870-880 centigrade) and shorter times than Carburising. Components in this process are less prone to distortion than in Carburising.

Case depth from 0.1 mm up to 0.6 mm can be provided. Please check with us for higher case depths.

Steel Grades

  • 16MnCr5, 20MnCr5, SAE 52100, Sintered parts etc…


  • Grears & Shafts
  • Rollers & Bearing
  • Synchro rings
  • Sintered parts