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World-Class German & Austrian design furnaces !

Why Sealed Quench Furnace (SQF)?

Sealed Quench Furnaces installed at Pune, Bangalore and Bhiwadi locations of Unitherm Engineers Limited are manufactured by Aichelin-Unitherm Heat Treatment Systems India Pvt. Ltd. (Group Company, leading furnace manufacturer in India). Our furnace manufacturing division is well known brand in India and abroad. Aichelin – Unitherm has reputation of supplying SQFs to major OEMs and Tier companies in India and overseas.

  • Fully automatic three chamber furnace, with automatic charge transfer among the three chambers – Vestibule, Heat Box & Quench Tank
  • Recipe manager to support and store up to 1000 programs
  • Eurotherm 2704 F controller with PID set-up for precise CP and Temperature control
  • SCADA for online and real time recording of the process parameters : Temp, Time, CP, gas flows etc
  • Patented Degussa design charge machine for quick transfer of charge from heating chamber to oil tank
  • Multiple thermocouples and SSI gold probe for better process control.
  • Thyristor for better temperature control and power saving
  • Motorized valves for LPG control for precise CP control
  • VFD for controlling the agitation speed to control distortion.
  • Automatic Nitrogen flush for safety
  • High process capability (CPk > 1.3) with little part to part and cycle to cycle variation.
  • Suitable for the following specialized Heat –Treatment processes
    • Carburizing
    • Hardening
    • Carbonitriding